Lightweight Cardboard


Our division of lightweight cardboard can produce a huge variety of folding packaging, cardboard covers and unique structures. Our lightweight cartons division is able to elaborate an immense variety of folding, cardboard covers and unique structures. Stuck or bent for all kinds of products from food to industrial applications. We have presses ranging from 1 to 7 bodies with conventional and Ultra Violet (UV), capacity for the application of colours and varnish. Our teams manage gauges for different types of substrates from 0.010 “to 0.032”, in the development of:

  • Folding Boxes (Foods, Drinks, Medical Supplies, etc).
  • Folding Displays.
  • Baskets and Wrappers for 4 to 18 bottles.
  • Closed Packaging for 8, 9, or 18 bottles or cans (Full Enclosure).
  • Calendars and Planners for the desk or pocket.
  • Liners.
  • Folders.
  • Covers for Notebook.
  • Conversion and Loose Leafed Materials
  • Among others.
For its application in the following industries:

Cigars and Cigarettes, Beers y Malt Beverages, Alcoholic Beverages, Carbonates Beverages, Matches, Food Products, Paints, Cleaning Supplies, Beauty Products, Pharmaceutical Products, Medical Devices, Publicity and Promotion, Liners, Commercial Businesses, Service Businesses, Individual Persons, Textile Companies, among others.

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