We produce labels on polymers of plastics, paper materials and reagents to cold environments,for base plates plastic and glass, chilled and refreshing drinks among other applications, in rolls for automatic labeling machines. This allows the development of all kinds of labels in paper and plastic polymers roll or stack, according to the technical requirements of our customers:

  • Labels of Paper Cut & Stack (For bottles Retornables and not Retornables).
  • Labels for Cigarettes.
  • Paper Labels on rolls.
For its application in the following industries:

Cigars and Cigarettes, Beers y Malt Beverages, Alcoholic Beverages, Carbonates Beverages, Matches, Food Products, Paints, Cleaning Supplies, Beauty Products, Pharmaceutical Products, Medical Devices, Publicity and Promotion, Liners, Commercial Businesses, Service Businesses, Individual Persons, Textile Companies, among others.

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