Our Principles

  • We promote a culture of success: We encourage continuous improvement and pursue each goal with passion and excellence.
  • We provide a distinctive work environment: We encourage an environment of productive, stimulating work, trust, respect and warmth where everyone gives their best for the collective achievement.
  • We cultivate Win – Win relationships: We act with responsibility and respect to develop mutual benefit with our related. (Customers, suppliers, consumers, employees and the communities where we are present).
  • We work ethically: We are attached to our corporate culture with honesty and transparency, always complying with the law and current regulations.
  • We are working for a better nation: We contribute to the development of the country through our business management, as well as the promotion and implementation of relevant initiatives for the society.

Our Values

Through the years our company is being based on the following pillars.

  • Passion

    It is to make a difference intensely enjoying what we do every day.

  • Excellence

    The essential quality of our corporate culture.

  • Integrity

    Is the course of action that makes us reliable as individuals and as a company.

  • Innovation

    Continuously evolving to provide sustainable competitive advantages.

  • Commitment

    It is what unites us as part of the same group and us routes in a common direction.

  • Respect

    Valuing others and prove it with facts.

  • Teamwork

    It is the privilege and the responsibility of being part of a collective effort.

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