Our organizational structure is composed of three main areas (Commercial Department, Administrative Department, and Operations Department) reporting directly to the Executive Chairman of the company.

Business Area

This is the area responsible for direct contact with our clients, identifying needs and and tracking compliance with its requirements. It is responsible for the sales and marketing force. We rely on the best business practices, the most advanced CRM system in the world and in our experience as market leaders.

Customer Services

This area is structured to provide personalised service to meet your needs of trading, processing of orders for production, work on plant status and any other aspect related to the customer.

Design & Pre-press

Our Pre-press Department incorporates the highest technology in equipment and software to provide support for the design and development of the customer's needs.


This is the area responsible for the realisation of the activities of manufacturing, from the design to the delivery of the final product to the client.

Quality Control

The management of quality assurance acts on each of the processes and products, and maintains a constant research service for the continuous improvement of the products we produce. Our quality system meets the needs of all areas of the company, from receipt of raw material to the storage and conservation of the finished product. In keeping with this, the inspection activities include receipt of raw materials and inputs, inspection of the process of production, final inspection, handling of complaints and claims, tours to the local customer, the stored inspection, laboratory analysis and physical testing of materials. Our quality assurance model includes a proper program of internal audits, to monitor all the productive activities of the company. In addition, a set of specifications of each raw material and product, thus achieving the standardisation of requirements of customers and ensuring consistency in compliance with them.

Integrated Logistics

This area is responsible for planning, directing and control the process of Integral logistics of Padilla. Conducting and managing the negotiations with suppliers. Planning and monitoring optimum production plans according to specific internal parameters and the needs of our customers. Coordinating and supervising compliance with the plans and programs of production defined to monitor firms dates with customers, agreement production plans and defined response times with productive processes.


It is responsible for planning, executing and controlling all activities concerning human resources, finance, accounting and information technology departments.

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