About Us

About Us

Padilla, S.A. was founded on January 20, 1964.

Since the beginning, Padilla, S.A. has concetraded its activities in the field of graphic arts, standing out mainly in commercial printing and Government stamps. In the year 1986, the company was aquired by Brothers; Eduado A. León Asensio, Fernando A. León Asensio, Guillermo A. León Asensio, and Jose A. León Asensio, main shareholders.

Two years later, the Administration decided to eliminate the line of government stamps and reorient their production lines to the segment labels for industrial use. Padillai in this market stands as a pioneer in Dominican Republic in the production of metallized labels.

A substantial investment in machinery and equipment at the forefront of the most advanced technology applied to the graphic arts, together with the construction of new buildings in line with global standards, made it possible to realize the sustained growth of the company.

In the constant search of offering an integral service and taking advantage of opportunities for diversification which provided the market, a new production line was introduced in 1995: lightweight cartons (folding). This allowed to significantly expand the volumes of production and sales for the national and international market.

Following the course of the changing needs of its clients and with the vision of providing packaging solutions, in the year 2000 the company’s management decided to expand the range of offerings, entering into the printing of flexible packaging in Rotogravure.

In 2009, we dabbled in flexographic printing. This has allowed to significantly expand the volumes of production and sales for the domestic and international markets, as well and to diversify the range of products we offer to our clients.

Today, Padilla modern printing lines put it among the top companies in the graphic arts with the latest technology in the area of the Caribbean.

Our Founders

  • eduardo-leon-asensio

    Eduardo A. Leon Asensio


  • guillermo-leon-asensio

    Guillermo Leon Asensio


  • fernando-leon-asensio

    Fernando A. Leon Asensio


  • jose-leon-asensio

    Jose A. Leon Asensio


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